Leonidas - 'Sweet spot' of data set

Leonidas is a Belgian chocolate company that produces chocolate and related products.The Leonidas chocolates have always been appreciated for their freshness, quality and fine chocolate taste.

Project Objectives

  • To re-build brand image
  • To architect a professional and sales-driving official website
  • To expand purchasing channel from physical stores to online store
  • To increase number of purchases
  • To launch effective marketing campaign in festival and big event


  • How to strike a balance between being a social responsible company and luxury chocolate brand?
  • Which contact strategy should be used to increase conversion rate?
  • How to promote Leonidas in digital ways?
  • What kinds of marketing campaign can generate sales?
  • How to know the customer’s buying behaviour?

Marketing Strategies

  • To define Leonidas’s brand positioning: Architected a new website for Leonidas with showing sincere, stylish but professional design
  • To increase the conversion rate: Encouraged impulse purchases with embedded incentives in the newsletter
  • To promote Leonidas online: Applied content marketing on various channels and tracked the performance of these channels
  • To generate sales on occasional events: Rode on Valentine’s Day to boost sales revenues
  • To increase revenue on long-term basis: Launched “Monthly Chocolate Subscription” campaign
  • To realise customer purchasing behaviour: Collected visitor’s profile from purchase behaviours to demographics.

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