Evention - Data science in event hosting

Evention, “Event” and “Innovation”, is a mobile-based event solution to help event organizers breeze through every step of an event and elevate event organizing experience from preparation, execution to evaluation, as well as to create premium experience for guests.

Project Objectives

  • To generate sales leads on digital media platforms based on data science
  • To increase brand awareness cost-effectively
  • To introduce the product to the potential business client fastly and directly


  • How to improve the quality of leads?
  • How to target the right audience in business-to-business (B2B) market?
  • How to track and analyze the performance of website traffic?

Marketing Strategies

  • To reach the right customers: Deploy unique analytical tactics to identify potential customers in various digital marketing channels
  • To serve the B2B market: Target on the right linkedin users and sought for business opportunities with private conversation
  • To track the result of the project: Applied the measurement tool to track every single records of the open rate, click rate and etc.



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