Cadobox - Not only digest food, but also data

Cadobox is a healthy food delivery service under Branch 8, providing salad and various cuisine. The service began in 2016, and currently, the delivery service is available in Central District. Customers can order food via Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and E-mail.

Project Objectives

  • To raise brand awareness and the number of new visitors
  • To increase number of orders and revenues
  • To collect and analyze marketing data from orders


  • Which marketing channel is the best for Cadobox?
  • What is the effective method to boost brand awareness in competitive food & beverage market?
  • How to transfer social data into business value?
  • How to create a user-friendly platform for client to view their customer behavioral data?

Marketing Strategies

  • To identify the right channel: Cadobox launched a number of social media marketing campaigns, including Facebook
  • To boost brand awareness: made use of content marketing, including infographics and video sharing
  • To create word-of-mouth: Enhance social media marketing with well-fitted Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) engagement
  • To increase the number of transactions: using pricing tactics to attract the potential customers
  • To organise the customer’s data: Offered centralized database and tailor-made dashboard for analysis, showing growth, retention and order interval distribution.
  • To gain consumer insight: Fine-tuned marketing strategy proactively


new users increased
new orders increased

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